Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I had a really great day! First of all, I had lunch with my best friend. Then we found a wonderful antique shop down the street. She was looking for vintage hankerchiefs and I was looking for anything that was emboidered or crocheted.
Standing at the display table, I let my mind wander off into the past where people took pride in creating anything handmade for the home. I remember Mom embroidering pillowcases for me and my little sister back in the 60's. All of these wonderful linens here at my fingertips had a past, someone loved them.

Sweet Kitty Embroidery Ensemble

Maybe this cute kitty pillowcase was made for a little girl's room. She went to bed at night with this sweet pillowcase under her head Or getting ready for school, Mother was brushing her hair while she looked down at the lovely vanity that held the playful kitten scarves.
I took these lovely linens home and gave them a light washing. The pillow case had been worn through with a tear in it, so I turned the whole ensemble into a cover for my small trunk! Everything was saved, it just needs some pressing to look fresh again!

Miss Kitty Pillow under all those Bluebirds! (lots of temptation)

I've been working on my Irish Chain Quilt. Instead of signatures- I added embroidered bluebirds! This is a lot of fun until I get into the middle of the quilt = a bunch of finger pricking going on :(

Perhaps 30 years from now, someone will look at my quilt and wonder who snuggled under it with all those bluebirds flying around!

Be Happy and Quilt!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Jacob's Ladder

Jacob's Ladder, originally uploaded by Patsyquilts.

UFO no more!!!
I finally completed my first hand pieced full size quilt,. The Jacob's Ladder Quilt was started back in Hawaii when I was a military wife.
I remember cutting out my pieces with scissors after I traced the pattern onto the fabric with a pencil and cardboard template. Kids were in bed and husband away in Iwakuni, Japan, I stayed up many a night stitching away.
Twenty-five years later...
Back in Indiana with a brand new husband and grown up kids, I dug that quilt out of storage and finally finished it up!
This quilt will go beautifully with my cottage style home.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Freemotion quilt square

Freemotion quilt square, originally uploaded by Patsyquilts.

I'm just using up a fabric pack that I bought at Joann's a few years back. This will be used in a King size quilt. I used the FUN AND DONE quilt template- quilt as you go.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Hexagons, originally uploaded by Patsyquilts.

Another wonderful day in front of the television! I wasn't watching very much, I was too interested in playing with fabric!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


CROCHET RAG RUG, originally uploaded by Patsyquilts.

Just working on using up my scraps. Most of these pieces were cut ff the edge of my fabric before I cut out my patches for my "BATTING BUDDY" free motion quilt - a practice in free motion quilting.

Via Flickr:
In progress, for the bedroom. To go along with quilt that I will practice free motion quilting.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

PJ and Shaq

PJ and Shaq, originally uploaded by Patsyquilts.

March Madness! This is the last day of March and here in Indiana- WE LOVE BASKETBALL!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Projects of Wrecked Janome Saved by Singer 201-2

 There were several things that I wanted to learn on my sewing machine before I returned to work from sick leave:
  • put in a zipper
  • learn to use my walking foot
  • practice all of the decorative stitches
  • buttonholes
  • making ruffles by using ruffler attachment

If I had listened to her- my sewing machine would be OK!

 A bunch of strips from my Simplicity Rotor Cutting Machine

Ruffles made on the SINGER 201-2

Part of my mission was accomplished, until I wrecked my Janome by putting a low shank ruffler/pleater attachment. Apparently, only a Janome brand ruffler will work because of the Janome design. There isn't enough room  for the needle to move freely while the ruffler is engaged. So I had a bunch of error messages on the machine's screen. Off to the shop- back in 12 days.  :(
 Why is it that you want to sew the most when your machine is in the shop? LOL !!! I guess it's one of Murphey's Laws.
My SINGER 201-2
After I got back from the sewing machine repair, I uncovered my Singer 201-2 and set her to work. Inside of my little green box of attachments, was a Singer ruffle maker! She runs like a dream for such an old gal- 70 years old almost!
I love her dearly, but then again, I NEVER MET A SEWING MACHINE I DIDN'T LOVE!

Be Happy and Quilt!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


There was a bunch of gift making going on this weekend...

A present for my sister, Sandy
                                                                               My sister had a birthday on Sunday. Sandy loves gardening, that's why I chose birds and herb markers that look like little stones. I also stitched up an apron, memo pad and garden journal. All packed up in a beautiful gift box that she can use to put treasures in.

A set of Crossword puzzle books in a Patchwork cover,
also a pack of tissue in their own jacket
Front view of book cover and tissue holder
My step mother's birthday was on the last day of February/ first day of March. She was" a leap year baby". I remember celebrating her 9th birthday with her, next year, she will be 21. Finally an adult! It took forever for her to grow up! She's quite a lady, so I knew that she would get a kick out of Maxine!

Back view of craft bag
Maxine Craft Bag
Then I decide to make some Maxine gifts for ME!
I will be taking some classes at the AQS Quilt Show in Paducah, KY again this year. I needed something new!

More Maxine to come, I have a nice panel that has lots of cute cartoons on it. Until next time...

Be Happy and Quilt!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Miss Kitty pillow

Here is a pillow that I made  this weekend. I used an old stencil of a cat, painted it with acrylic paint and an additive to turn it into a fabric paint. Strips were added to the sides, then quilted.
It was so much fun to dig out old stencils and use them again! 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

To  come to PJ's house!
Little Rooster, a gift 

Tuesday night is my Husband's night out to shoot clay targets at the Conservation Club.  It is also my night to go downstairs into my sewing room and create some fun. I made up four place mats to put on the breakfast room table to cheer it up. I'm using some of my scrap fabric left over from the quilt blocks that I've been working on since I've been on sick leave. 
Just knowing that soon, I will have to go back to work - puts a little fire under my seat to hurry up and make a few things with this precious time I have left. It's been only a week since I've been able to go down into the basement to the sewing room .

This color is my favorite!
I thought chickens would look cute at breakfast time, we can look out of the huge picture window and watch our real chickens scurry about and pecking for food this coming spring.

Four place mats to go around the table.
This design was so simple. A cute tea cozy in a smaller version would look cute, maybe some egg or chick coasters, too?
                        I better get crackin'!!

Be happy and Quilt!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Start the day with a cup of Strawberry yogurt and tons of fresh fruit.

I'm not a sports fan like most people are this time of year, so if you say Super Bowl, I tend to change the subject! I like to go to the craft room or read if the games are on. Speaking of reading- I just ordered a few books and since I've gone through them, all that's left is the box. 
What's that saying we had after Christmas? Give them toys and they just want to play with the box!!
Hey- that's what we'll do- Play With The Box!! So here's my version of making a fabric basket::

A box full of goodies!
The Beginning of the Fabric Basket.
Remove items from box, turn over, trace - allow 1/4 " seam allowance.
Cut fabric and batting. Sew sides together.
Basket Project #3
Glue bottom fabric liner onto box and tuck in edges.
Tacky glue or duct tape to secure.
Sew top liner the same way.
Basket Project #4
Place basket liner inside box and bring over the edge. If too loose, remove liner and increase seam allowance.

Baskets- Complete!
On left, made in June 1984. Right made in February 2011.
A handle was created for older basket out of fabric sewn into a tube and stuffed with polyester fiberfill.
These boxes would be cute made out of Holiday Fabrics, imagine a Valentine Box, a St Patrick's Day Basket filled with chocolate filled gold coins, or an Easter Basket; hope my family doesn't read this!

Be Happy and Quilt!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chloe and the rose

Chloe and the rose, originally uploaded by Patsyquilts.
My first rose of the year!!
The promise of Spring is in the air. Such a lovely sight to see!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Here's JaneDough, my KitchenAid mixer
 making cherry vanilla/choc chunk ice cream.
Meet Jane Dough, she made her debut on

OMG !! Jane is at it again! I got an ice cream maker attachment for my KitchenAid mixer around Christmas time.It was cleaned and placed in the deep freezer in the basement. Since I've had foot surgery, I couldn't go down there. So I had to beg for someone to bring it up for me!
We ( Jane and I) are cheating and using a mix to make the ice cream but with a little more jazz to it. Lower fat milk was used with maraschino cherries and chocolate chunks added to the semi set mixture. Maybe not as great as the full fat, flavored, store bought stuff- but when you've got cabin fever like me- IT'S WONDERFUL!!!

Repurposing an ice cream container!
What's old is new again. OR: What's empty is full again!! The plastic containers come in handy for letting your ice cream firm up in the freezer. I wonder if I could pass this off as store bought? 

My pastel colored GRANNY looks like a bowl of Rainbow Sherbet. Fun to make while watching the television with my Hubby. (:})  I am so ready for Spring Time, and these also remind me of Easter Eggs and Jelly Beans!! 

PJ's Hens in the snow
Spring is a long time comin". It really won"t be long before we are coloring those Easter Eggs. Here come Laverne and Thelma wading through the snow. They stay in a heated hen house, we average 8 eggs a day out of 9 hens and a rooster (he's just there for the neat crowing in the morning!).
Maggie is "arranging " my quilt blocks
I am still working on my quilt blocks out of the Let's make a Patchwork Quilt book. I stopped for awhile because I was getting Cabin Fever. Next blog, I'll have more pictures ***promise***
Soon I will be able to use my sewing machine - Whooo Hooo!! I have pieces cut out for items to put in my new Etsy Shop. More info later!! (and pictures, too!)

Remember! Spring is just around the corner :-)

A bud is forming on a rose bush
that I didn't get planted last fall