Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Any time is Quilting Time!

Any time is Quilting Time!, originally uploaded by Patsyquilts.

I began the first of two foot surgeries on December 3,2010.  Arthritis in the joint of my two big toes! I just thought it was a bunion that could be relieved by special inserts in my shoes. Since I'm on my feet constantly at work, I thought I better get this fixed. (Also - here comes snowy weather and I am commuting 2 hours a day!). 

This is the perfect opportunity to get back to basics with patchwork and quilting.

 I used to be a 'stay at home mommy ' who started watching PBS LAP QUILTING with Georgia Bonesteel back in the 80's. Living on a military base gave me plenty of  friends to learn new hobbies with. A couple of us went to the community college to take a beginner patchwork and lap quilting class one evening a week. Back then, it was the very basic class that taught you about straight grain, selvages, bias, scissors, card board templates or plastic (like the material used for shrinky dinks. Or, if you were lucky like I was, to have access to the material x-rays were made on!)

Earth tone colors were popular back then, everyone had rust, brown, tan, orange and avocado green in their homes. I started out with 1 yard each of 6 fabrics, needles (betweens and sharps), cotton and quilting thread. My patterns were handouts from our teacher, Kathy. I'm sorry to say that I forgot her last name, such a shame to forget that about someone who led me to my favorite pastime! 

After the class ended, I picked out my first book by Jessie MacDonald and Marian H. Shafer called Let's Make A Patchwork Quilt.

a cute little bookmark made by Amy in preschool, 1980
Placed in between the pages of LET'S MAKE A PATCHWORK QUILT


with ice boot off, foot propped up

I decided to dive into that old book again and hand stitch all of the quilt patterns , just like I did  in the 80's...

Sunday, Dec.5

Monday, Dec.6

Tuesday, Dec.7

Wednesday, Dec.8

Thursday, Dec. 9
I have been averaging 1 quilt block a day. They are 15 inch squares, very basic, but a whole lot of fun when I'm propped up on the couch with my feet elevated. 

feeling "some" pain

I do most of my sewing at this time!

feeling "no" pain

I do my wonky sewing @ this time (on pain meds!)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Sewing Machine (song)

I just came across this cute little video while cruising around on YouTube. I was searching for sewing tutorials and this baby popped up! I just love old funny movies and Betty Hutton always made me laugh. Remember Perils of Pauline?

vintage picture of a class in DRESSMAKING

 I used to feel like a klutz on the machine when I first started to sew. In fact my Home Ec days were a nightmare!! The bobbin kept tangling up under my work, it made me sooo frustrated. When you have only one hour to set-up, sew, and clean up; I REALLY HATED that class. It was required to take Home Ec in the 7th grade, I gladly switched to Spanish the next year.....!!!

Later on, after I got married and was expecting my daughter, I bought my first sewing machine. It was a Montgomery Ward, straight and zig-zag, basic sewing machine. I made a long sun dress from a SIMPLICITY Simple to Sew pattern . I still have the pattern but not the dress. Some of the scraps of material from it are in a doll size patchwork quilt.

Upgraded to a Kenmore sewing machine! It had stretch stitch, lots of decorative stitches (16), too! I used it for a long, long time. There isn't anything wrong with it. Lot's of p-jays were made on it. At my house everyone looked forward to "PJ'S p-jays THE CAT'S PAJAMAS", my artsy daughter, Amy, even designed a cat wearing pajamas on a hang tag for me!

Janome Memory Craft 4900QC, absolutely love it! Lots of decorative stitches (534) and features. The only problem I had was that the harp area was too small for my quilting.

Janome Memory Craft 300E, my embroidery only machine. This helps me make my special Birthday and Christmas gifts. I made towel sets, personalized aprons for the ladies at church, t shirts, and handbags the first year that I got it.

After listening to Jean from , I decided to get a Singer 201-2. This machine was made in 1941 and it runs like a dream! My quilts fit inside the harp area with no problem at all. I love free motion quilting. Some days are great and others- not so great. If I have a great list of songs on my radio or ipod, it goes fast and puts me in a graceful swaying mood.  I like to use those latex finger cots that you can get at an office supply store. Gripping gloves are okay, but I don't like my hands all covered up, these just cover your finger tips. 

vintage picture of HAND SEWING CLASS
This seams like a nice class to take!

vintage picture of a Home Economics class
Our mothers probably were in a class like that! 

 Even though there was a rough start in the sewing department, I came through it all with a real love for machines, thread, fabric, and of coarse - the seam ripper!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cold Mornings

Maggie, originally uploaded by Patsyquilts.
It was cold this morning, so Maggie took her morning nap beside the heating vent under the sink!

I go in tomorrow morning and also next Friday to have foot surgery . There will be lots of time for hand quilting and patchwork, but no sewing machine time until my feet are back in working order.
When I first took up patchwork and quilting in 1980. it was totally by hand. I wanted to be just like the pioneer ladies. Cardboard templates, pencil, scissors, thread and fabric was all I needed to get started. Everything I had could be stored in a canvas tote bag.
Now it's all over the basement . My Quilting Room contains quite a few plastic totes, bookcase, huge metal cabinet, etc...
I wouldn't dream of using anything but a rotary cutter, acrylic rulers, and mats now. Such time savers. Quick quick zoom zoom -done!
 Starting tomorrow (for a short time only), it's back to basics and hand stitching!
Group of Dresden Plates for Wall Hanging
Here's a closeup of a dresden plate made from the EASY DRESDEN template by Darlene Zimmerman. Very fast,very easy!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Clifty Falls Mural

I had a very relaxing time during our stay at Clifty Falls Inn. One of the most comforting moments is right after a meal at the lodge's restaurant. Your tummy is full and there are plenty of rocking chairs and recliners just calling your name!

This Mural ia at the Clifty Falls Restaurant
Outside the Clifty Inn Restaurant in the Lodge, is a Family Room. On the wall is a mural which looks to be about the size of a full size quilt. I took the opportunity to study it while Steve relaxed with his newspaper.

The mural seems to be a map of all the trails in the Park.

I was impressed with all of the detailed artwork .

Look at these little guys, made out of fabric and yarn.

Good ol' SMOKEY the BEAR.

Neat wildlife, and - look another little guy!

"Only YOU can prevent Forest Fires!"

ewww! a skunk!
Some one even made a little guy looking out of his sleeping bag to find Mr. Skunk passing through!

A bunch of small animals

Is that a compass of some sort?

Where the Buffalo roam.

I see Smokey and the little guys again! 

A very pretty otter.

You "otter" see this mural in person. I came home with a bunch of ideas for a cute quilt after viewing this! 

Clifty Falls State Park
Madison, IN

Friday, November 26, 2010

"Guess who's coming for dinner?"

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!
Mr. Turkey just stopped by to peek in, but ran away when I asked him to "Stay for Dinner!"

Thursday, November 11, 2010

CLIFTY FALLS .. a peaceful getaway

Steve and I planned a small getaway to CLIFTY FALLS
It's been a wonderful week for being out and about, the temperature in Southern Indiana has been around 73 degrees in the daytime.  Makes it hard to remember that on the 5th day of November, we had a dusting of snow!
Over breakfast, we planned our day
There are lots of neat places to visit, like ANTIQUE MALLS, 3 WINERIES,and lots of SHOPS! We really liked window shopping the best.
I really enjoyed the Local Yarn Shop
There was a shop that had a very pretty spinning wheel in the window, surrounded by hand knitted lace and lots of skeins of wool in awesome colors.

Steve had his eye on an old 1861 SPRINGFIELD
Steve went over to the next shop window , the Black powder Civil War rifle had his attention.

The lace and spinning wheel had me drooling!
One of these days, I would love to learn all about wool from "sheep to spinning"

machine through the shop window
Three very antique sewing machines were in the same window as the 1861 Springfield Rifle. If you ring the bell, they would open the shop, I think it was a mini museum. Everything was covered with dust, I would have loved to see the black dress up close along with those 3 sewing machines. To my disappointment, no one was around to answer the call.

I like this one!
I think this one was my favorite ^

sewing machine with it's peddles below
I have a vintage Singer 201-2 , (1943 model), this machine could possibly be made 80 years earlier, or so
fancy foot peddles
Not the kind of treadle I saw on Grandma's sewing machine!


Granny Square Afghan for my daughter, Amy
Back at the Lodge, I took out my afghan that I've been making for Amy, almost done- except for weaving in close to 500 pieces of yarn on the back! I knew I should have been doing that part as I was going along. Live and learn!!

A cap for the Cancer Center in town.
I think I must have an ADHD , not really, forgive me. But I do love VARIETY. I go from embroidery to quilting to crochet- OH!  LOOK A SQUIRREL!

I also did a little quilting on JUNGLE BABIES
This was my balcony and the view was superb, I could see the Barges go by with coal.
The Ohio River
A very relaxing time indeed!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


 I love the monkey's cute face!!

quilt is in my favorite chair, originally uploaded by Patsyquilts.
I've been going through my UFO's and found the JUNGLE BABIES quilt panel by Patty Reed.
 Maggie, my Boston Terrier tried to chew on the edge. Frustrated, I put it away. It's back on my lap again as a challenge to become an "FO' !
So I shall sit in my favorite chair this weekend and quilt away...
Mrs. Arthritis
it's fun to take pictures with my left hand - NOT!