Monday, November 29, 2010

Clifty Falls Mural

I had a very relaxing time during our stay at Clifty Falls Inn. One of the most comforting moments is right after a meal at the lodge's restaurant. Your tummy is full and there are plenty of rocking chairs and recliners just calling your name!

This Mural ia at the Clifty Falls Restaurant
Outside the Clifty Inn Restaurant in the Lodge, is a Family Room. On the wall is a mural which looks to be about the size of a full size quilt. I took the opportunity to study it while Steve relaxed with his newspaper.

The mural seems to be a map of all the trails in the Park.

I was impressed with all of the detailed artwork .

Look at these little guys, made out of fabric and yarn.

Good ol' SMOKEY the BEAR.

Neat wildlife, and - look another little guy!

"Only YOU can prevent Forest Fires!"

ewww! a skunk!
Some one even made a little guy looking out of his sleeping bag to find Mr. Skunk passing through!

A bunch of small animals

Is that a compass of some sort?

Where the Buffalo roam.

I see Smokey and the little guys again! 

A very pretty otter.

You "otter" see this mural in person. I came home with a bunch of ideas for a cute quilt after viewing this! 

Clifty Falls State Park
Madison, IN

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