Thursday, November 11, 2010

CLIFTY FALLS .. a peaceful getaway

Steve and I planned a small getaway to CLIFTY FALLS
It's been a wonderful week for being out and about, the temperature in Southern Indiana has been around 73 degrees in the daytime.  Makes it hard to remember that on the 5th day of November, we had a dusting of snow!
Over breakfast, we planned our day
There are lots of neat places to visit, like ANTIQUE MALLS, 3 WINERIES,and lots of SHOPS! We really liked window shopping the best.
I really enjoyed the Local Yarn Shop
There was a shop that had a very pretty spinning wheel in the window, surrounded by hand knitted lace and lots of skeins of wool in awesome colors.

Steve had his eye on an old 1861 SPRINGFIELD
Steve went over to the next shop window , the Black powder Civil War rifle had his attention.

The lace and spinning wheel had me drooling!
One of these days, I would love to learn all about wool from "sheep to spinning"

machine through the shop window
Three very antique sewing machines were in the same window as the 1861 Springfield Rifle. If you ring the bell, they would open the shop, I think it was a mini museum. Everything was covered with dust, I would have loved to see the black dress up close along with those 3 sewing machines. To my disappointment, no one was around to answer the call.

I like this one!
I think this one was my favorite ^

sewing machine with it's peddles below
I have a vintage Singer 201-2 , (1943 model), this machine could possibly be made 80 years earlier, or so
fancy foot peddles
Not the kind of treadle I saw on Grandma's sewing machine!


Granny Square Afghan for my daughter, Amy
Back at the Lodge, I took out my afghan that I've been making for Amy, almost done- except for weaving in close to 500 pieces of yarn on the back! I knew I should have been doing that part as I was going along. Live and learn!!

A cap for the Cancer Center in town.
I think I must have an ADHD , not really, forgive me. But I do love VARIETY. I go from embroidery to quilting to crochet- OH!  LOOK A SQUIRREL!

I also did a little quilting on JUNGLE BABIES
This was my balcony and the view was superb, I could see the Barges go by with coal.
The Ohio River
A very relaxing time indeed!

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