Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Sewing Machine (song)

I just came across this cute little video while cruising around on YouTube. I was searching for sewing tutorials and this baby popped up! I just love old funny movies and Betty Hutton always made me laugh. Remember Perils of Pauline?

vintage picture of a class in DRESSMAKING

 I used to feel like a klutz on the machine when I first started to sew. In fact my Home Ec days were a nightmare!! The bobbin kept tangling up under my work, it made me sooo frustrated. When you have only one hour to set-up, sew, and clean up; I REALLY HATED that class. It was required to take Home Ec in the 7th grade, I gladly switched to Spanish the next year.....!!!

Later on, after I got married and was expecting my daughter, I bought my first sewing machine. It was a Montgomery Ward, straight and zig-zag, basic sewing machine. I made a long sun dress from a SIMPLICITY Simple to Sew pattern . I still have the pattern but not the dress. Some of the scraps of material from it are in a doll size patchwork quilt.

Upgraded to a Kenmore sewing machine! It had stretch stitch, lots of decorative stitches (16), too! I used it for a long, long time. There isn't anything wrong with it. Lot's of p-jays were made on it. At my house everyone looked forward to "PJ'S p-jays THE CAT'S PAJAMAS", my artsy daughter, Amy, even designed a cat wearing pajamas on a hang tag for me!

Janome Memory Craft 4900QC, absolutely love it! Lots of decorative stitches (534) and features. The only problem I had was that the harp area was too small for my quilting.

Janome Memory Craft 300E, my embroidery only machine. This helps me make my special Birthday and Christmas gifts. I made towel sets, personalized aprons for the ladies at church, t shirts, and handbags the first year that I got it.

After listening to Jean from , I decided to get a Singer 201-2. This machine was made in 1941 and it runs like a dream! My quilts fit inside the harp area with no problem at all. I love free motion quilting. Some days are great and others- not so great. If I have a great list of songs on my radio or ipod, it goes fast and puts me in a graceful swaying mood.  I like to use those latex finger cots that you can get at an office supply store. Gripping gloves are okay, but I don't like my hands all covered up, these just cover your finger tips. 

vintage picture of HAND SEWING CLASS
This seams like a nice class to take!

vintage picture of a Home Economics class
Our mothers probably were in a class like that! 

 Even though there was a rough start in the sewing department, I came through it all with a real love for machines, thread, fabric, and of coarse - the seam ripper!

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