Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Here's JaneDough, my KitchenAid mixer
 making cherry vanilla/choc chunk ice cream.
Meet Jane Dough, she made her debut on PJQuilts-CraftyFarmgal.blogspot.com

OMG !! Jane is at it again! I got an ice cream maker attachment for my KitchenAid mixer around Christmas time.It was cleaned and placed in the deep freezer in the basement. Since I've had foot surgery, I couldn't go down there. So I had to beg for someone to bring it up for me!
We ( Jane and I) are cheating and using a mix to make the ice cream but with a little more jazz to it. Lower fat milk was used with maraschino cherries and chocolate chunks added to the semi set mixture. Maybe not as great as the full fat, flavored, store bought stuff- but when you've got cabin fever like me- IT'S WONDERFUL!!!

Repurposing an ice cream container!
What's old is new again. OR: What's empty is full again!! The plastic containers come in handy for letting your ice cream firm up in the freezer. I wonder if I could pass this off as store bought? 

My pastel colored GRANNY looks like a bowl of Rainbow Sherbet. Fun to make while watching the television with my Hubby. (:})  I am so ready for Spring Time, and these also remind me of Easter Eggs and Jelly Beans!! 

PJ's Hens in the snow
Spring is a long time comin". It really won"t be long before we are coloring those Easter Eggs. Here come Laverne and Thelma wading through the snow. They stay in a heated hen house, we average 8 eggs a day out of 9 hens and a rooster (he's just there for the neat crowing in the morning!).
Maggie is "arranging " my quilt blocks
I am still working on my quilt blocks out of the Let's make a Patchwork Quilt book. I stopped for awhile because I was getting Cabin Fever. Next blog, I'll have more pictures ***promise***
Soon I will be able to use my sewing machine - Whooo Hooo!! I have pieces cut out for items to put in my new Etsy Shop. More info later!! (and pictures, too!)

Remember! Spring is just around the corner :-)

A bud is forming on a rose bush
that I didn't get planted last fall

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  1. Hey,I got one too in dec,for my birhday and yet to use it !! Maybe tommorrow......