Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I had a really great day! First of all, I had lunch with my best friend. Then we found a wonderful antique shop down the street. She was looking for vintage hankerchiefs and I was looking for anything that was emboidered or crocheted.
Standing at the display table, I let my mind wander off into the past where people took pride in creating anything handmade for the home. I remember Mom embroidering pillowcases for me and my little sister back in the 60's. All of these wonderful linens here at my fingertips had a past, someone loved them.

Sweet Kitty Embroidery Ensemble

Maybe this cute kitty pillowcase was made for a little girl's room. She went to bed at night with this sweet pillowcase under her head Or getting ready for school, Mother was brushing her hair while she looked down at the lovely vanity that held the playful kitten scarves.
I took these lovely linens home and gave them a light washing. The pillow case had been worn through with a tear in it, so I turned the whole ensemble into a cover for my small trunk! Everything was saved, it just needs some pressing to look fresh again!

Miss Kitty Pillow under all those Bluebirds! (lots of temptation)

I've been working on my Irish Chain Quilt. Instead of signatures- I added embroidered bluebirds! This is a lot of fun until I get into the middle of the quilt = a bunch of finger pricking going on :(

Perhaps 30 years from now, someone will look at my quilt and wonder who snuggled under it with all those bluebirds flying around!

Be Happy and Quilt!

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  1. What a great find and that quilt is beautiful.
    I too love vintage embroidered peices. So much so I incorporate them into my designs.