Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Knight & Dragons

Here are plans of my first quilt for QUILTED CUPCAKE PROJECT NIGHT NIGHT

I used an old doll pattern for my knight and asked my daughter to draw the costume.
He needs to hold a sword, don't you agree? Even if they are friendly dragons!
Now off to the sewing room to turn it all into applique' and patchwork...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quilted Cupcake Project Night Night

I recently listened to my favorite podcast :
Quilted Cupcake: Quilted Cupcake Episode 35 Show Notes: Book Review...: "This week's podcast featured three book reviews. You can find full details on the Book Review Page. Dare to Be Square Quilting: A Block-by-..."

Jean has started a great group project on Flickr called QuiltedCupcake Project Night Night. You can join it and make crib-size quilts to donate to children in need.

Imagine being a child who is sick or away from home and everything familiar. Someone gives you a softie (doll or toy) to love on, a book to read, and a quilt to snuggle under. Wouldn't that make your little world feel safe and warm?

I'm going to make up some quilts to send. A few will be those cheater quilt panels because they are cute and quick to make, I have a few handy! Then I'm gonna make up some out of of my stash: doggies, kitties, - even friendly dragons!!

So, if you will- please give the Quilted Cupcake podcast a listen (you don't even need an ipod or mp3 player- just listen right off your computer.)

Thank you so much!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dog and Butterfly

I spent a great Labor Day weekend in St. Joseph, Michigan. This poodle dog scarf was found in an Antique shop!

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