Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quilted Cupcake Project Night Night

I recently listened to my favorite podcast :
Quilted Cupcake: Quilted Cupcake Episode 35 Show Notes: Book Review...: "This week's podcast featured three book reviews. You can find full details on the Book Review Page. Dare to Be Square Quilting: A Block-by-..."

Jean has started a great group project on Flickr called QuiltedCupcake Project Night Night. You can join it and make crib-size quilts to donate to children in need.

Imagine being a child who is sick or away from home and everything familiar. Someone gives you a softie (doll or toy) to love on, a book to read, and a quilt to snuggle under. Wouldn't that make your little world feel safe and warm?

I'm going to make up some quilts to send. A few will be those cheater quilt panels because they are cute and quick to make, I have a few handy! Then I'm gonna make up some out of of my stash: doggies, kitties, - even friendly dragons!!

So, if you will- please give the Quilted Cupcake podcast a listen (you don't even need an ipod or mp3 player- just listen right off your computer.)

Thank you so much!

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