Friday, August 6, 2010

Hens and chicks...

I haven't added to this blog for awhile because I've been busy getting my new chicken coop ready. Have you ever seen those neat barns with quilts painted on them? Well, I am going to create a painted quilt square on my new coop! My square will be hens and chicks.


  1. I'd love to have a chicken coop!! Alas, we do not live where we can have one, but maybe one day!
    Love the idea of quilt blocks painted you it. Wonder if could paint quilt blocks on my house?
    Can't wait to see pictures

  2. How fantastic! Yes, I've seen blogs about the barns with the quilt blocks painted on them. We don't have those over here in Oz. We do have chicken coops.... a friend in our street has a very large flat block of land and she has many chickens (there are strict rules about having roosters) and at one time she also had a pig which strangely disappeared just before one Christmas! My next door neighbours little children also had chickens which they would plop on their heads and walk around wearing the poor little things like hats!!! The chicks didn't seem to mind! One day they also disappeared but I'm told they went to visit the other chickens down the road!

    Have fun with your coop!