Saturday, July 10, 2010

I spent the afternoon ironing all my treasures that I bought at the Antique Mall. When I laundered them, I got to thinking of the past. In fact, I put on 40's music lit some candles and stood at the ironing board in my bare feet. Just running the iron over the fabric and looking at the wonderful stitches, I could imagine the women who created these items for their home. Did they ever think that their lovely scarves and doilies would be used by someone else? Don't worry, Ladies, I'll treasure these as if my own Grandmother made them!


  1. Hi Patsy! Great blog header - is that your porch? If so, can I come by for some sweet tea? Thanks for sharing the pictures of your treasures. I'll be following your blog!

  2. Your treasures are just beautiful!! I collect old linens too, and have just sorted my last lot but still have to iron them - I think I'll do as you did and put some old music on when I iron them all - this could take a while!!

    Your comment about looking after them as if they were your own Grandmother's really touched my heart as that is what I always think to myself when I find a new piece for my collection. I also collect old china and I am trying to collect anything which reminds me of my own Grandmas kitchen!

    Happy collecting and stitching!